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meeting grep

meeting grep, originally uploaded by hep.

"what is this tiny furry thing you got to annoy me" - aka grep stalks down the tiny kitten.

My week has been super fun! Yesterday I went over to Emeryville and picked up my 5th favorite person in the world nullcherri so we could shop. We shopped. Her trader joe's in emeryville contains markedly less hipster douchebags than the one on Brannan in SF but much higher incidents of yupsters and soccer moms. Then I rushed back home and Talldog and Shortcat stopped by to chillax and talk about hacking. Then to continue the "i hate hackers" theme I went downtown to The Mish and met up with aempirei to go to this terrible "hacker space" where the "hackers" whine if you "hack" them. Not even Hack them, just "hack" them. I could write PAGES on that shit but you will all just have to wait for the article to come out in SF NATIVE. Then I was going to go out with the assorted crew of lj and non-ljers that showed up (ninjalie and cryptomail for instance) but instead I went home to put my bike together with Yura. At some point during all of that I convinced warren to do it for the lolz. A++

Today I am going to ride my bike! and if survives the first riding I will ride it down to The Mish via Caltrain and mebbe we can all go to ZG and talk smack about the internet. The children get back in 3days but Yuriy and I leave before that to go visit my lovely internet gf demure up in nornorcal. How is your summer vacation going LJ?

OK I just can't keep saying The Mish even as a joke, it makes me feel dirty and stupid like when people use those terms like NoPoMo and shit like that. Every seperate block in sf is not it's own neighborhood kiddies and they already have names.