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pacman inkee

how i spent my summer vacation weekend

in bed with demure and regul8
pacman inkee

all my base are belong to you

all my base, originally uploaded by hep.

Working on regul8's valentine's day card. I don't have to worry about him seeing this yet as he is still asleep beside me. I ganked part of this idea from pathogen but he doesn't deserve it because he wouldn't put in all the leet videogame references that I have. About halfway done. This fonecam jpg loses about 95% of the detail. Still to do: fill out rest of lettering, sketch out detail on flaming city (in the burning sense, not the sf sense), paint with watercolor, ink.

I was going to do a true AYB style card but I like my multigame version better. When it's done it should reference about 10 old school classics. I will post a good detail shot of the finished version later.

pacman inkee

valentine craft party

Poll #660833 valentineparty

If I had a Valentine making craft party would you come?

yes even though you live in brisbane
yes and I can bring stuff!
no sry i am gay

Ideas for what to make:

If you can bring supplies what can you bring?

your email address to send you an invite:

This date works best for me (yes I remember you live in brisbane)

Saturday Jan 29th afternoon
Saturday Feb 4th afternoon
Sunday Feb 5th afternoon